How can I add my Shul to ShulPay?
It’s super easy and quick! You can either call us at 1888ShulPay or click here with your Shul Legal Name and Address, EIN, and Bank Account and Routing Number and you’re all set.

How does the money go from the donator to my shul?
We use Stripe, a world-class payment processing company to process credit card payments. We open an account for your shul and Stripe deposits the money directly into the shuls bank account.

Can someone collect money for himself in the name of the shul?
No. The Bank account information must match with the shuls legal name, EIN, and address.

How long does it take for the shul to receive money after someone donates?
Usually 2-3 business days.

How much does the system cost to use?
We do not charge any monthly fees. We only charge a small 1.5% overhead fee and a special non-profit cc processing fee of 2.2% + 30cents.