The Gemorah in Shabbos 32: tells us that terrible things happen to a person r”l if they don’t pay up their nedarim and pledges. Almost every person we speak to, tells us that they have an outstanding pledge in a shul but do not know how to pay up. Many times this is because shuls don’t have pushkahs for security reasons and gabbaim are only around at specific times.

After experiencing this situation many times ourselves, we set out to create an automated phone and online system called ShulPay where one can donate to any shul he wishes. Even though the Shul may ultimately not make all the money donated by Credit Card due to processing fees, we arranged to keep fees to as low as 2.2% and the benefits far outweigh this issue.

ShulPay is a platform that helps shuls, organizations, and non-profits collect donations by centralizing a number and website where to donate. Our easy-to-remember 1-888-ShulPay automated donation number and ShulPay.us website make remembering to donate easy.

Organizations listed on this site are not necessarily affiliated or currently signed up with ShulPay.