Signup Instructions
Please read the following carefully:

– To prevent fraud, all information provided, including Shul name, address, bank account information, and EIN/TIN must match the Shuls IRS information. 

– Only official representatives of the Shul may sign up to ShulPay.

– ShulPay is a free service provided by Lakewood Websites LLC. There is still a credit card processing fee charged by Stripe of either 2.2% + 30 cents or 2.9% + 30 cents depending on eligibility.

– Donations can be made by phone at 1888ShulPay or using

– It may take up to a week for your Shul to be fully active on ShulPay. We will let you know via email when it is.

– You will receive an email on how to access donation reports and send invoices to your mispallelim.

– If you have any questions email us at