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לע"נ שושנה דבורה בת ר' יעקב הכהן ע"ה

Yartzeit י"ט אייר May 27th, 2024


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Actual letter by one of the students….

–I miss Sharon hagler I wish she was still here with us in this world but we have to realize that she’s in a better world right now
–I miss phone collection
I miss being yelled at for the good
–You will never appreciate what you have until you’ve lost it. Take a minute and say thanks. This world has lost an amazing principle. who always cared and tried to help whoever she can and when she found out that the janitor in the school couldn’t even afford food in the summer she would bring him food every day even though she did not
have money herself.

I have no more tears. I cried so much. all for one, one for all as we pray together. May your soul be greeted at the gates of heaven
–Now, to most people reading this, you’ll probably shrug it off like a normal status about someone who recently passed. So go ahead, and keep scrolling down, but I have a few words to say.
First off, I’m in a very small school, a school with only about 15 kids in it, and almost all of us are friends, but that’s not the point of this status.
My principal, Ms. Sharon Hagler, passed away around 2 AM on April 29th, 2013.
Yes, I know, ” why do you care?” “you probably hardly knew your principal” “be quiet your principal doesn’t teach you”. Well, she did. She was also my English teacher, and she was really mean, l’m not gonna lie, she was, but I honestly know that she always meant it for the good of me.
See, l’m a really bad kid in school. I misbehave, I annoy the hell out of all my teachers, and I zone out in class. If she really wanted to, she could have kicked me out of that school and sent me off to rot in Sheepshead Bay. But no, she kept me in the school, and deep down I know that she did it for the good of me. She was such a caring person, and I didn’t appreciate her until recently. She was like a second mother to most of us.
She taught us, she pissed us off, she screamed at us, she helped us when we needed it, and when she sent someone to Dunkin Donuts to get her a drink, she didn’t say anything about him keeping the change, even though she knew there was (Joey). She put up with all of us because she cared, and I didn’t appreciate it. I remember my last
words {o her were simple words that I used because she sent me home for the day for pissing her off, and they were “don’t worry, I’m trying my best to get out of this school to get away from you.”
Okay, well I know that l’m being a little mean, by hating her before everything, and now writing this long, retarded status, but earlier today, as I saw two men push her casket on a trolley down the aisle to the stage, it hit me hard, and I actually thought for a while, and I realized how stupid I was not to actually listen to her when she told me to get my act straight, because she was doing it all for me, so I can pass the year and go to a good college. So now, l’m writing this in tears, thinking of all that she’s done for me, compared to all that l’ve actually taken from her, which is practically nothing. So thank you, Ms. Sharon Hagler, for all that you wanted to do for me, and I know that you’re gonna be soon reading this, when you reach heaven. Baruch Dayan Haemet.

–Baruch Dayan HaEmet Mrs. Hagler, you truly were an amazing person and you’ll never be forgotten. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. You were like a second mother to all of us and we’ll keep you in our hearts forever. Keep an eye on us from shamayim`
–Even though this is a very emotional time we’re all in, I think that everyone here can agree that Mrs. Hagler was one of a kind. A truly marvelous woman and a devoted and
caring principle. She was the type to never give up on you no matter what you did and everything she did was out of love. Whether that was giving a big homework assignment
or making you wear a tie to school. So as her students, I think its our job now to be the best people we can be, because she would want that. And I know that she’s hearing and seeing all of this, so Mrs. Hagler, I want you to know that you were and forever will be loved. And I want to ask on behalf of the school for your forgiveness for anything we may have done. From your family and the entire Yeshiva Ner Eliezer, we want to thank you for everything you’ve done for us and we pray that your neshama reaches shamayim. 

–mrs hagler u were one of a kind of a woman u took care of ur students like ur own children
–Rip ms. hagler we will truly miss you
–Someone Special in my life passed way today at 2 am this Morning, she was a such a Good Principal to me. One day I was mean to her and I hope she can forgive me for
what I did To her. I’m going to miss her, she was the best Principal ever. She taught me everything in my life when she was alive, you’re going to be missed Sharon Hagler
–She will be missed
–l’ve known her for 4 years, she always helped me out. One time I came late to lunch, so there was no more, so I go upstairs and she asks me why are you not at lunch, I told
her there no more, she goes to her purse and she pulls out a $20 bill and she tells me go buy yourself whatever you want and this way like 3 years ago. And she did a lot more
stuff for us.

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